• An audiovisual project is a complex jigsaw puzzle

  • Kai Visualutions offers to their customers an advanced selection of audiovisuals services with the goal of fulfilling the basic needs in terms of production offering the complete production of a product. Thanks to a great team of professionals and also thanks to the application of new techniques in the demanded market, we are ready and qualified to obtain the best results in marketing, fiction, music videos, events and motoring graphics.

    We are the missing piece of your.

We help you in each part of the process, even if you are not sure with your ideas

We take care of every single detail in the process of our productions, from the writing of a script to the final publication of the product. We count on freelance and in-house professionals to get good results in short periods of time.

If you don’t know how we do it, this is what we do:

  • 1Definition

    of ideas and budget

  • 2Writing

    of script and text

  • 3Shooting
  • 4Audio and video

    in post-production

  • 5Delivery

    of the final project for

    internet, television, cinema…

We help you in each part of the process, even if you are not sure with your ideas

In Kai Visualutions we offer production services for advertisements, institutional advertisings, music videos, short films and full-length films in Andalucía and other parts of Spain.

We cover all that is needed in production:

  • Search of locations
  • Renting: renting of cameras, lighting, grip, cranes, etc
  • Paperwork for authorization
  • Facilities
  • Castings
  • Specialized technicians
  • Bilingual staff
  • Post-production
  • Catering services

A company which doesn’t have audiovisual corporate spirit
is an incomplete puzzle

We are aware of the great power of image in the current market. In Kai Visualutions we have become experts in promoting our costumer’s brand and we develop innovative audiovisuals services able to offer competitive advantages to others companies and institutions.

  • Thanks to our “know-how” in production we cover every business sector as well as all areas of the company, institutional area, commercial one and also training, with proposals that pursue innovation and creation and always without forgetting the main task of marketing.
  • With great technical support we stand out in:

    3D incorporation and 2D in actual video

    Creation of virtual spaces for true actors

    Conceptual 3D

    Real effects in 3D

  • Kai Visualutions counts on the constant collaboration of advertising companies in Spain, giving technical and professional support for the creation of audiovisual contents.
  • We get your message and then we perceive and interpret that creative idea that you want to transmit. Once we have the idea, the rest of the work is achieving an efficient audiovisual production with quality.

We believe in collaboration,
co-production but over all
we believe in stories

As we are a film producer, we are crazy about cinema. We get involved in the whole process: from the analysis of the script to the copy in DcP (if it is required)

One of the goals we have is to settle the basis of a production with quality and one feature that distinguish us it is that we want to offer and make easier the incorporation of young creators in the audiovisual industry.

We like music
what about starting
with your music video?

What if you could film the kind of music video you desire?

If you know what you want, we do too. A music video can be seen as a way of telling stories with professionals and producers who know how to strengthen your style and image.

We love culture and we
capture images and we
give them dissemination

We count on a great team of specialized professionals. They cover events and thanks to this you can have our Press class 2.0 at your absolute disposition. There is also the possibility of broadcasting the activities in real life through social media and microblogging with the purpose of creating a great impact on the network so your event ends up placed in a good position.

The service characteristics can be changed according to your needs:

  • > Video transmission through streaming and production prerecorded for Youtube
  • > Photografic coverage
  • > Follow-up in Twitter
  • > Writing and sending of texts to the press media
  • > Promotional video made with own or stored material
  • > Filming and editing of the summary video

We show
and develop your ideas
in movement

We have technical support to help you.

We rely on a great human and technical team to develop your ideas in a great level. Where do we start?

I have a brilliant idea
but where we shot?

  • Choosing the right location is vital to a project, you can not leave it to chance the context where you’ll roll your stories.
    That’s why we provide you with the best locations on the Costa del Sol

Kai Visualutions was born to provide creative answers

We are the piece you are missing. We adopt ourselves to you needs, putting in practice the most advanced techniques in regards of audiovisual production thanks to:

  • The creation of efficient communication for our clients.
  • Great quality in a tight budget thanks to our optimization policy in resources.

In addition, we are the perfect complement for those advertising agencies that want to offer to their clients a complete service as well as the best results.

Marta Pavón


Executive Producer

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  • Experienced professional and in actual training, Marta is the key of Kai Visualutions.

    Graduated in Journalism and in Dramatic Arts she has put together both of her passions creating Kai Visualutions in 2012. This was created with the ambition of providing a better quality to the audiovisual sector in Málaga in terms of audiovisual services and production.

    She collaborates in projects of great impact as for instance, the awarded film by Enrique García “321 en Michigan” or “Tránsito” a short film by Macarena Astorga. She has produced stories socially daring as “Dominio” by Luismi Aguilera and “Mobiliario Urbano” (classified 15 times in film festivals).

    Her most recent investment is the co-production “Seis y Medio” a film by Julio Fraga and also a parallel project to her labor as Location Manager.

We are the missing piece of your